AF2.90 970 Under-top


Under-Top fl oor mounted with plinth to be placed under a work-plate. Wall or floor drain trap connection. Thermal disinfection with built-in steam generator.

Technical features
Weight kg 88
Width mm 900
Dept mm 600
Height mm 970
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Full features

Weight kg 88
Width mm 900
Dept mm 600
Height mm 970
H2O alimentation pressure kPa Min 70 (0.7 bar) Max 600 (6.0 bar)
Water Temperature °C Min 45 Max 60
Water connection DN 12
Drain siphon DN 100 (110mm)
Water consumption l Min 0 - 10 Max 10 - 11
Noisiness dB(A) 54
Relative humidity % 90
Work temperature °c Min 6 Max 40
EN Norms  

ISO 13485;EN 61010-2-040;EN 60601-1-2 + Recommendation NB-MED/2.2 Rec1;DIN EN 1717;DIN 1988-2;EN ISO 15883-1:2006;EN ISO 15883-3:2006.

High Tech Features AF2 Professional Line (Where available) :

Complete application for washing and disinfecting other utensils and containers that cannot be cleaned in a standard support for bedpan and urine bottles.

After the disinfection phase cold air will be introduced by a fan in the washing chamber, to cool down the temperature, condense the steam and dry the containers. This appliance also avoid the aerosol effect for the operator and the thermodynamic contamination of the room.

Special ©AT-OS disinfection program with direct spraying appliance against CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE bacterium. Test approved by the German University of Bonn.

Intelligent control of water flow, pressure and injection system to improve the washing performance.

Graphic display for an easy communication between machine and user. Top technology visualization to assure a detailed information for a user-friendly control of machine features.

Up to 4 urine bottles can be disinfected at once in this machine.

Capacità di carico

3 temperature probes PT1000 in the wash chamber to ensure accurate disinfection monitoring.

The operator can open and close the door by pushing the foot pedal or activating the optical sensor on the touch panel.

The user can start the machine without removing his gloves by pushing the buttons with the elbow. This feature also supports the cross infection prevention.

Function that allows the machine to perform a disinfection program after 24 hours from the last cycle.

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