AWD655-8 DIN L Speed Cycle


Thermal Instruments Washer Disinfector with manual door, for surgical departments and small central sterilization departments.

Technical features
Weight kg 160
Width mm 900
Dept mm 650
Height mm 860
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Full features

Weight kg 160
Width mm 900
Dept mm 650
Height mm 860
Load height (5 level trolley 10 DIN) mm 245
Main water pressure bar / lt-Min 2 - 5 / 10Lt - Min
Capacity washing pum lt-Min 400
Cold water connection DN 12 (1/2") - 15 (3/4" G-M) 5°-15° Max 7
Hot water connection DN 12 (1/2") - 15 (3/4" G-M) 45°-60° Max 7
Purified water connection DN 12 (1/2") - 15 (3/4" G-M) 5°-15° Max 7
Facility stream connection DN °C / bar 1/2 G °C / bar 150° / 3-4
Cold water consumption for standard cycle l 15
Hot water consumption for standard cycle l 30
Demineralized water consumption for standard cycle l 15
Drain trap (Corrosion-proof and 93°C resistant pipe) DN (ø) 40mm
Chamber breather pipe connection ø 50
Chamber breather pipe flow rate m3/h 120
Heat loss kcal/h - W 600 - 700
noise dB(A) 56

High Tech Features AWD 655-8 DIN (Where available) :

– Additional tanks allow the pre-heating of water to speed up the washing steps
– The total time of the cycle is reduced up to 50%

– Built-in condenser to eliminate the exceeding steam coming out from the washing chamber with drain.
– ESS System using the heat of the condenser in order to ease air warming during the drying and the water warming during the loading. This guarantees an energy saving.

All instrument are perfectly dried inside and outside at the end of the cycle. Drying time and temperature are also adjustable from the front control panel.

– Dosing pumps complete with flowmeters and sensors.
– Door lock to restrict access to authorized personnel only. – Removable bottom detergent tray for easy cleaning.
– Capacity 5L containers.

The machine recognizes which trolley was inserted and starts the corresponding program, eliminating the possibility of an error by the user.

  • 20 standard programs. The number of programs can be customized changing different parameters.
  • The user can select a specific program following his needs.
  • The machine has an automatic control system of the spray arms, which stops the cycle in case of anomalies.
  • The continuous monitoring of the water pressure and of all washing parameters insures the validation of the cycle.

System to automatically empty the water present at the end of each cycle from the water pump, the water storage tank and the pipes in order to ensure freedom from microbial contamination inside the machine. According to the standard EN ISO 15883-1 &

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