Perfect for effectively wash different types of glassware and other materials commonly used in laboratories

AWD655-8-LAB is a glassware washer, designed to be installed under a workbench to optimize space. It is equipped with a manual opening and closing door made in double tempered glass, for laboratory glassware with 2 independent levels. AWD655-8-LAB is equipped with a system that filters, electrically heat and force, with a powerful blower, the air in the wash chamber and inside the hollow instruments, to obtain an excellent drying result.

High standards of hygiene with high reliability, in compliance with current regulations.

On request, AWD655-8-LAB can be integrated with a stainless steel support under the machine that provide an ergonomics height of 150 cm when the machine is not installed undercounter, making the access to the machine easier for the operator. The support is also useful for storing detergent tanks. A wide range of racks, nozzles, and accessories complete these machines, suitable to wash and dry a wide variety of laboratory glassware.

Technical features
Weight kg 100
Width mm 600
Dept mm 650
Height mm 845

High Tech Features AWD 655-8 LAB (Where available) :

On request, the machine can be accompany with a firmware option that allows to manage a secure access to the programs by the users. An user name and password protection level limit the access to the device only to authorized personnel.

On request, the machine can be accompany with the software “Washer RePortal” (running on OS MS Windows), available under license. With this software it is possible to connect to the machine to manage the user PIN and download, via USB PenDrive, the cycles ran, that are saved on a special database, moreover it is possible to generate the cycle reports in PDF format and export them in CSV format, compatible with the most popular softwares (MS Excel, Open Office, etc. …).

The 2 USB ports are located on the front:

  • USB 2 type A for PC USB: allows to connect the machine to a PC for programming;
  • USB 2 type B for flash drive: allows to download the history of programs executed and alarms, or for update the firmware and dataset.

The RS232 port allows to connect the machine to a printer or to a centralized traceability system.

The machine is equipped with a sensor placed in the suction probe of chemical products, which warn the user if the liquid is running out through a warning that appears on the LCD display.

The dosing system for chemical products is controlled by a flowmeter. If the flowmeter doesn’t perceive the passage of the liquid, after a few seconds the display will show an alarm that warns the operator of the non-dispensing of the liquid in the wash chamber, causing a cycle stop.

The machine is equipped with an effective steam condenser system that acts to reduce the steam during the disinfection and drying phases.

A dedicated vacuum switch monitors the filter clogging. An alarm message on the display will indicate that the filter is clogged, causing a cycle stop.

During the drying phase the forced air, pushed by a blower, is introduced into the washing chamber, passing through an electric heater. The air then comes out of the jets of the impellers to ensure a warm uniform air distribution. The filter, with an F5 efficiency grade, allows to block the fine dust present in the air. On request it is possible to integrate on machinery a HEPA H14 filter, with an efficiency of the 99.995%.

On request, the machine is equipped with a printer that prints the receipt log of the running program.

It is a system that makes it possible to soften the cold and hot water entering the wash chamber, so as to reduce the formation of limestone in the hydraulic circuit of the machine. The machine automatically regenerates the resins based on the water hardness set at the time of installation.

On request, the machine is equipped with a conductivity probe that checks the water purity level at the end of rinsing, before disinfection. The machine repeats the rinse cycle again to remove any residue if the conductivity probe detects a water purity level, expressed in μS/cm, higher than the preset one.

On request, the machine is equipped with the spray arm monitor system. If the spray arm monitor is enabled, it checks the correct rotation of the spray arm. An alarm message on the display will indicate a problem during the cycle.

The machine is equipped with a microcontroller that constantly monitors its operation. It’s provided with an internal flash memory that allows the machine to store all the information regarding: cycle params, allarms and log history. An internal watchdog monitor the microcontroller and block the device in case of a malfunction.

Thanks to a dedicated pressure switch that monitors in real time the water pressure of the washing circuit, all the washing parameters will be always perfect. An alarm message on the display will indicate if there’s a pressure lost during the cycle, causing a cycle stop.

On request, the machine can be equipped with a LED light positioned inside the wash chamber, with low energy consumption, for a better visibility during the wash cycle and during loading and unloading of the basket. The LED may vary in color depending on machine status. In the event of an alarm, the wash chamber lights red; when the cycle is successfully completed, the wash chamber lights green.

The machine is supplied with a set of standard programs, variable according to the model. It is possible to add some customizable programs, up to a maximum of 40 total programs.

The door is made of two layers of tempered glass, resistant to chemicals, even the most aggressive ones. It allows to see inside the wash chamber during operation.

The wash chamber is made of stainless steel AISI 316L (EN 1.4404) while the chassis and external panels are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (EN 1.4301). They are shockproof and long-lasting. Scotch Brite surface finish makes cleaning easier.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle, on models equipped with manual door, the door opening and closing functions are made easy without efforts.

On request, the machine can be integrated with a stainless steel support, that provide an ergonomic height when the machine is not installed under the counter, making the access to the machine easier for the operator. The support is also useful for storing chemicals.

The machine is equipped with an automatic door locking system which ensure a safety door block. For the safety of the operators, the machine does not allow the door to be unlocked during the wash cycle or in the presence of high temperatures. An extra sensor guarantee that, even if in presence of a malfunction of the machine, the water pump will be switched off with the unlock of the door.

The touch control panel consists of 8 backlit keys and a 3.5” LCD display. The flat display with colour graphics shows all cycle parameters, alarm messages, measured temperatures of the two temperature probes positioned in the wash chamber, drying temperatures and A0 value.

This system helps the operator to understand why an alarm has occurred before consulting the user manual. A text appears on the display with
the number, the image of the alarm and the text explaining the possible causes of it.

The side panel equipped with a special handle to allow access, has a removable lower tray to facilitate cleaning operations. It allows to store up to 4 x 5 liter tanks.

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