A color touch screen monitor for the AWD655-15 Instrument Washer Disinfector

Working in a medical lab is demanding. Precautionary practices can be time-consuming and yet necessary. Time and usability need to come together along with safety.  That’s why the AWD655-15  capacity touch panel installed on “dirty side” has been improved with a 7’’ color touch screen monitor.

With a direct full flat touch-sensitive screen and a friendly interface, you will perform all the same functions with just a touch of your finger. No need to spend all of your time connecting your laptop to the instrument washer disinfector.

The AWD655 are developed to satisfy all kinds of medical requests and over different models, suitable for the huge variety of instruments found in hospital departments, clinics, surgical and central sterilization rooms.

They are fully automatic, programmable and microprocessor controlled:

– 20 standard programs. The number of programs can be
customized changing different parameters.

– The user can select a specific program following his needs.

– The machine has an automatic control system of the spray arms,
which stops the cycle in case of anomalies.

– The continuous monitoring of water pressure and of every
washing parameter ensures the validation of every cycle.

Click here to find out more about AWD655  series.


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