AT-OS to produce in Japan a line of washing machines for medical devices

The sun rises in the East and so does the future. AT-OS joined the 12th exhibition on design and production of medical devices and advanced technology seminar annually held in Japan. Paolo Lorenzin, CEO at AT-OS, and the city of Koryama, have recently come to an agreement: Within the project Utsukushima (‘beautiful Fukushima’) AT-OS will produce in Japan a line of washing machines for medical devices.

It’s no coincidence that the annual convention Medical Creation takes place in the city of Koryama.

The Japanese government and the Fukushima Prefecture are working hard to build an international hub for the development of medical engeneering.

According to Medical Creation’s home page, the Fukushima prefecture is “pursuing the goal of being a leading world class of medical-related industries”.

Investing in Japan may seem today a risky move, because of the higher costs of production of the country. It is nonetheless a deliberate choice that promotes quality and best practices.

All over the world Japan is a synonym for efficiency, reliability, dedication. And these are the same values AT-OS is inspired by.

The project Utsukushima turns out to be a very ambitious one: the Prefecture of Fukushima and Japanese government are working hard to prepare infrastructures and services in order to create a positive cycle between industry, business opportunity and research.

On the one hand  a large number of universities in the area (Fukushima Medical University, the University of Aizu, and Niho University) guarantees highly skilled workers for innovative entrepreneurship.

On the other, infrastructures like the Fukushima Medical Device Development Support Centre provide places adequately equipped for research and innovation.

International brands as big as Johnson & Johnson and Olympus, along with industrial regions like North Rhine-Westphalia, are already contributing to this project.

AT-OS hopes to bring the reknowned quality of Italian design the Utsukushima project.



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