AWD655-8XEL Stainless steel door, without drying system


Machines equipped with a side compartment for inserting the detergent tank and a manual opening and closing door made in double tempered glass (AWD655-8L) or stainless steel (AWD655-8XEL), perfect for dental clinics and ward department.

AWD655-8L is equipped with a system that filter, electrically heat and force, with a powerful blower, the air in the wash chamber and inside the hollow instruments, to obtain an excellent drying result. A large variety of accessories completes these machines, suitable for washing and disinfecting all types of surgical instruments, handpieces and accessories.

Technical features
Weight kg
Width mm 900
Dept mm 650
Height mm 818

Full features

Weight kg
Width mm 900
Dept mm 650
Height mm 818
Code 112002049
External dimension (WxDxH) mm 550x500x600
Chamber dimension (WxDxH) l/mn 370
Max pump flow rate m³/h -
Max absorbed power kW 6.2
Max number of dosing pumps for chemicals with flowmeters 4
Chemical tank capacity l 5
Capacity washing pum lt-Min 370
Cold water connection DN
Hot water connection DN

High Tech Features AWD 655-8 DTL (Where available) :

The 2 USB ports are located on the front:

• USB 1 port for PC USB, that allows to connect the machine to a PC for programming;

• USB 2 port for flash drive, that allows you to download the history of executed programs and alarms or for update the firmware and datasets.

The machine is equipped with a sensor placed in the suction probe of chemical products, which warn the user if the liquid is running out through a warning that appears on the LCD display.

During the drying phase the forced air, pushed by a blower, is introduced into the washing chamber, passing through an electric heater. The air then comes out of the jets of the impellers to ensure a warm uniform air distribution. The HEPA H14 filter allows to block the fine dust present in the air with an efficiency of 99.995%. Furthermore, in order not to damage the filter, a pre-filter is placed in front of it to block the larger particles.

It is a system that makes it possible to soften the cold and hot water entering the wash chamber, so as to reduce the formation of limestone in the hydraulic circuit of the machine. The machine automatically regenerates the resins based on the water hardness set at the time of installation.

The machine is equipped with a microcontroller that constantly monitors its operation. It’s provided with an internal flash memory that allows the machine to store all the information regarding: cycle params, allarms and log history. An internal watchdog monitor the microcontroller and block the device in case of a malfunction.

On request, the machine can be equipped with a LED light positioned inside the wash chamber, with low energy consumption, for a better visibility during the wash cycle and during loading and unloading of the basket. For AWD655-2 and AWD655-8 (and variants), the LED may vary in color depending on machine status. In the event of an alarm, the wash chamber lights red; when the cycle is successfully completed, the wash chamber lights green.

The machine is supplied with a set of standard programs, variable according to the model, and with the addition of customizable programs, up to a maximum of 40 total programs.

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